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Since JStock is a free software, you may use it free of charge. But please consider making a donation to support the continued development of JStock.

All funds donated to the JStock project will primarily be used to enhance the JStock project. This could include things such as purchasing a domain for the project, buying coke and chips for our developers. All remaining funds will be used to improve our developers work environments, as determined by the project admins. Your donation will make us happy, and encourage us to improve JStock continuously. Thank you very much for your support.

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JStock Android is a freemium stock market software which runs on Android. Selected features are free to try. You may later decide to pay for its premium features, only if you are happy with it. We do not want your money if you are not absolutely happy :) A portion of revenue generated from JStock Android, will be donated to JStock - Free Stock Market Software project, to support its free and open source development effort.

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We would like to say THANK YOU to the following donors. Your donation is invaluable!
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