There are plenty of stock market tracking programs, but JStock stands out from the crowd.
I tried JStock recently and found it very interesting indeed.
The features that I like the most is Portfolio Management. Best of all, JStock is completely free of charge!
JStock makes it easy to track your investments in 23 different stock markets around the world.
Occasional or regular investors alike will find this program very useful and value added. Highly recommended!
JStock is really a great software. I hope my broking company had given me a desktop application like this. Just love it.
Even though it’s free, JStock goes beyond basic stock monitoring and portfolio management features.
JStock boasts a pretty impressive feature list. I can see the alerts (email/text/tray) being especially useful.
A well-featured and useful piece of stock market software, and a helpful aid in keeping on top of investments.
(Translated) Believe it? This is an open source software, which fetches data from Yahoo! Finance, to let you monitor multiple countries stock market.
There’s a lot to like about JStock: it’s free, it is available for multiple platforms, it’s easy to use, and it provides a lot of functionality.